[Gimp-user] How to scan with Gimp on the Mac 2015

Under GIMP's File menu, go to "Create" and there should be an option
labelled "Scanner/camera...".  As long as your scanner is TWAIN
compliant (most are) and you have the proper drivers installed on your
system to talk to it, it should show up as an available source when
you select this option from the menu.  From that point you'll have to
refer to your scanner's documentation on how to adjust scan settings.

-- Stratadrake
strata_ranger hotmail com
Numbers may not lie, but neither do they tell the whole truth.

Hi Stratadrake,
thank you. I contacted Samsung and they absolutely claim that m2070 is a TWAIN
compatible scanner. I will try still to uninstall / install the driver. It it
doesn't help I don't know what to do.
Best regards

Zbig (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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