Re: [Gimp-user] How to scan with Gimp on the Mac 2015

Under GIMP's File menu, go to "Create" and there should be an option labelled "Scanner/camera...".  As long 
as your scanner is TWAIN compliant (most are) and you have the proper drivers installed on your system to 
talk to it, it should show up as an available source when you select this option from the menu.  From that 
point you'll have to refer to your scanner's documentation on how to adjust scan settings.

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I have a Mac year 2015 and would like to scan images directly into it. After
having installed the Gimp 2.8.18 I cannot see the Scanning  button in
File-Create menu.

Do you know how to:
-get this version of Gimp to scan


-install any old version which has the scan functionality? Do you know which
version contains fpr Mac?

Thank you for help.


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