Re: [Gimp-user] Print layout not keeping track ?

On 08/25/2016 01:48 PM, Gwenouille wrote:
Hello !

I have spent the last 3 hours trying to print an image properly under Windows 7.
If I use the print command under Windows' explorer, I get that crap assistant
that is always streching pictures to fit the paper.
So I wanted to stick to GIMP, and print my little 5cm × 4cm image onto a 10x15

But no matter how many times i tried, it is impossible to specify the layout as
being something different from A4. I go to FIle -> Layout (underneath the
"print" line) and specify 4"×6" (10x15), press OK and that doesn't stay this way
! If i re-open the dialog, it is back to square 1, A4.

All in all, I find printing the right size to be a perfect nightmare: either
Windows 7 messes up with its assistant, or GIMP can't stick to one layout, or
CANON's drivers are a mess…

In the meantime, what I did is open an exported image with xnView: there the
very same "layout" dialog keeps track of what I say and helps…

In 15 years I have never had any success printing files directly from
the GIMP, and previous threads here suggest that this is because the
function is unsupported due to lack of interest.  Image files intended
for electronic publication don't normally have to be printed, and image
files created for print purposes are normally embedded in document files
of one kind or another before they are printed.

Supporting a wide range of printers is way out of scope for the GIMP
project.  Defeating deliberate sabotage by an operating system vendor,
i.e. Microsoft as described above, is strictly up to the end user.

What I do, along with apparently everyone else, is export images for
print in a lossless format (png is good) at the size and resolution
needed, and import that file into a word processor or desktop publishing
program document to position it on the page, along with other images,
text etc. if required, then print it.  My preferred tool is Scribus:
Import the image file into a Scribus document, configure it on the page
as required, export the Scribus document to PDF and viola:  Reliable,
predictable results from any printer that works.


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