Re: [Gimp-user] Problem with windws and tools disappearing

On 08/25/2016 12:33 AM, Just-Bob wrote:
After another uninstall, I checked the registry and nothing appears to exist
with the word Gimp in it. If it still exists in my computer, it's invisible. So
I tried installing Gimp again,and lo and behold, the work history is still there
and everything. And again, when I click Hue/Saturation, the window for that tool
is minimized and inaccessible by any means of right or left clicks. It's like
Gimp is having failures of one or two different tools each time. First the
Brightness/Contrast would not open, then with the new version of Gimp the main
menu box would not show, now it's back to the Hue/Saturation box not coming up
(minimized/inaccessible, says "This tool has no options."

To remove the GIMP's configuration files, you will need to find them in
your Windows user account's program data files.  It has been over a
decade (yay) since I have used any Microsoft product, so can't say where
to find these files on your system.  Uninstalling the GIMP and searching
your file system for the word "gimp" should turn them up, although you
may have to enable viewing hidden files in Windows Explorer for this to

Once found, delete the GIMP directory and try installing again.  If the
problem is a corrupted or missing or alien configuration file (which
seems likely from the symptoms), that should fix it.


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