Re: [Gimp-user] bewildered newbie query

Neal Weissman writes:
What's the difference between a viewer and a converter?

An image viewer is something you use to view a lot of images --
what you're trying to do with this book. (Though why anyone would
distribute a book in as a bunch of jp2 images is beyond me.)

An image converter sounds like something that converts from one
format to the other. For instance, if you used ImageMagick to
convert all those jp2 files to JPEG or PNG.

GIMP is an image editor, for creating new images or making changes
to existing ones. It's cumbersome to use for viewing a long sequence
of images one after the other because that's not what it was
designed for. If you wanted to take a few of those images and change
the color of the pages, or add drop shadows on the text and flowers
around the border, GIMP would be your tool of choice.


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