[Gimp-user] Canon 6700D bugs Gutenprint 5.2.10 fix ASAP

As you write yourself, you are posting to the wrong project. You need
to go ask whatever project is taking care of updating drivers for your
printer. Even if not Gutenprint, I'm sure there must be some other
project at least remotely maintaining these drivers (I tried to search
a little, but I can't even find a Canon 6700D, there is a Canon
iP6700D though, is it the same?).
This said, I see on their webpage that they had a release in May 2014;
and even though they have very few commits, I still see they make a
few commits a month. So it does not seem completely dead to me.

So I will suggest you go ask the project maintainers directly. There
is nothing we can do here.


Yes the 6700D and iP6700D or Pixma 6700D is the same printer. I left ticket open
at sourceforge maybe you are right they will see it. The printer is very good
back from 2008 :)

I hope somebody fixes it as I'm not sure how to contact the developers. I never
used sourceforgre

smilem (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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