Re: [Gimp-user] Text Problem in 2.8.14

On 12/21/14 12:10, willderrness wrote:
I upgraded and cannot make the text work - a layer appears and I can see the
text in the layer but it will not appear in the text box on my image.  It worked
in earlier versions - please help as I am making XMAS cards - thanks in
advance... Will

I'm not sure what you mean by "I can see the text in the layer".
Are you saying you can see the text where it is the default name
of the layer in the layers dialog (usually in a separate window 
to the right of the image window)? 

Check to be sure your foreground color is different from the background
layer over which you are creating the text.

When you click to insert a text layer, that layer is inserted above
whatever the currently active layer is.  If you want the text on top
of everything, make sure the active layer is the upper most one (the
top one in the layers dialog) before you activate the text tool and
click to insert text.  Alternately, check to be sure there are no 
other layers on top of the text layer.


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