Re: [Gimp-user] What Features you want in GIMP (Crowdfunding)

On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 12:30 PM, Jack Tummers wrote:
I'm not quite sure how this mailing list works, so I'm sending it to this
address, hoping someone will put it in the right place. And perhaps clarify
for me how I can respond to a particular topic/mail.

Reply to All, remove everything but the list address, send.

I'm interested in this crowdfunding idea for Gimp to get some things done.

As a professional photographer and only working with Linux software, there
is one (and perhaps only) thing I really deeply miss at the moment and on a
daily basis in Gimp: full support for keeping, viewing and perhaps editing
of metadata (exif/IPTC/XMP).

As a starting point it would be great if Gimp didn't wipe out all of the
metadata allready present in an image (added by another program) after
editing and saving it again. But even better would be if there was some kind
of function equal to the Photoshop browser where one can select several
images and edit or add metadata, preferably IPTC/XMP.

If there are more people interested in this feature (and I'm sure there
are), it would be great if this could be added as a feature for
crowdfunding, because it doesn't seem to have priority with the developers.

It has on and off activity:

I can't comment on the other part of your email, because I don't
understand what you are proposing, exactly :) People have tons of
ideas for crowdfunding, this is not the problem :) Finding developers
-- now that the missing thing.


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