[Gimp-user] exporting text to pdf

I'm trying to build the covers of a set of five books. Each cover contains
an image and some text, i.e. the author's name and the book title.

The image is correct when I export it to jpg or png, but the text is
wrongly rendered when I export to pdf. Not always, in fact: three covers
are OK. In the fourth one, the first two letters of the author's name are
set in a smaller body. In the fifth cover, two lines of the title are
placed to high, and covert the author's name, and the third line of the
title is missing.

I cannot understand what occurs, and what characteristics of the cover
triggers what seems to be a bug. I'm using GIMP 2.8 on Ubuntu 12.10. Has
anybody already encountered such a problem?
Olivier Lecarme

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