[Gimp-user] What Features you want in GIMP (Crowdfunding)

As you know there is a popular request for the gimp team to do a crowdfunding
effort. With the hpotetical money they could raise, they could easily get more
manpower to

1.-Finish their longterm goals faster (I am looking at you gimp 2.)
2.-Implement the changes they want
3.-Implement new improvements and feautures we want.

If "hypotethically" the gimp team accepted a kickstarter/crowdfunding effort,
wich feautres would you want the most.

Pleas post area and idea


Painting/ More brush dynamics and control.
Photography/antiblur tool (I just made that up)

The goal is to give the gimp team an idea of what they could focus on provided
they ever accept crowdfunding as on one email I sent them there was the issue on
deciding wich features to focus on.

Have fun!

FallenLegend (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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