[Gimp-user] Question about bump map location

First, let me say how much I have appreciated the help I've gotten throughout the years from this list! I'm a 70 year old woman living in Belize, my husband and I do websites (he's the programmer), I love the graphic aspect, though he's good at that, too. We have been open-source users and supporters for over 10 years, sponsored Software Freedom Day in Belize in 2006 and 2007. We use Ubuntu, GIMP, and Inkscape applications, he uses all kinds of programming languages, of course. Kudos to everyone contributing to this list and the open source movement.

My question: I would like to put a "watermark" of my logo on images, and I can do so with the Map, Bump Map Filter. However, the location of the bump map is a problem. At 0 on the X and Y Offset sliders, it goes into the upper left hand corner. OK. The problem is the sliders only move to -1000, and my images are often larger than that, and I want to put the bump map into the lower right hand corner, and the sliders will not allow that. Typing in the numbers doesn't work, and moving the bump map in the preview with the middle mouse button doesn't work. Of course if I make the images smaller I can get it into the right hand lower corner, but I want to use the larger image. Any solution for this, or do I have to just live with this ... defect(?) for now. Thank you!

Judy Wilson

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