[Gimp-user] Record Actions

Good Day - I recently found GIMP and think it is amazing.  I've been a
PhotoShop user for years, and actually prefer GIMP.  The one thing I
can't seem to figure out is holding me back from using GIMP
exclusively, and that is the Record Action feature.  I have to
manipulate about 100 pictures per day - simply resize a picture to
6x4" @ 300 dpi, save it, resize again at 100 dpi, put a 10 pixel;
black border around it and save it to another directory.  I can do
this to a hundered picitures in about a minute with PhotoShop, but it
takes quite a while with GIMP.  I am no techie ... any suggestions?

* Sorry - I just noticed this topic back in 2010 ... Steve

steveleach (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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