[Gimp-user] album cover

Thanks for your feedback. I'm not planning to use wizbit.
Uh how to get CMYK? Is there an other opensource tool which can handle
that, inkscape for instance?
Could I otherwise export from Gimp to Photoshop and export in
to a CMYK printable file?
There should be some 'workarounds' possible right?

You might find a printer that will take an RGB image.

Gimp will convert to a tiff or jpeg using a plugin called separate+ (a search
will find it)
Inkscape is the same as Gimp uses RGB and there are extensions to export to

There can be (will be) a colour shift when you change colour profiles form RGB

Best advice I ever got: 'Always get a proof print before ordering those 5000

rich2005 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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