Re: [Gimp-user] Path Tool Problems

Akovia (akovia1 eml cc) wrote:
If I hover my mouse above a certain segments holding Control, some segments
will allow to add a node, while other segments won't. This also effects
deleting line segments.

Hmm. Is this usually happening when having a huge zoom level?

There is a funky problem there: for determining the closest point along
a bezier the bezier segment is approximated by line segments to a
certain precision. The precision used does not take the zoom level into
account. This is usually no problem, since it is < 1 pixel and "close
enough" for the usual zoom levels.

However there are corner cases in huge zoom levels, where the
(invisible) line approximation is off by a significant fraction of a
pixel, so that the net result is an active area disconnected from the
drawn bezier segment. You can verify this by searching on the "inside"
of the curved bezier segment for an active area.

I'd consider this a bug that might have been introduced when we
introduced cairo-based rendering for the tool graphics (earlier the
drawn path used the same line approximation as the detection code).

Probably a bit tricky to fix...


             simon budig de    

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