[Gimp-user] Path Tool Problems

I use the path tool in gimp extensively so maybe I'm more sensitive to
these nuances, but I wondered if any one else has run into these

1. Can't add intermediate nodes.

There are times when I'll go to add a node between existing nodes and
it won't allow me to do so. I have to walk the path until I can find a
spot will it will let me and delete all the nodes to that point and
build the path again. The last time this happened I had copied a path
from a different gimp image and pasted it into my new drawing. I'm not
sure if this always follows a paste operation or not, but will try to
troubleshoot it further the next time it happens.

2. Node selection precision.

I very often have trouble grabbing a node to move it. It's as if the
calibration of my mouse if off as I have to hover in the vicinity of
the node till I get the move cursor to show. Sometimes this is very
tricky indeed. This can be very annoying when trying to move quickly
and I know it's not my mouse as I don't have this trouble in any other
program including inkscape.

3. Path strokes.

Quite often on big complicated paths  that I try to stroke, there will
be a few sharp angles that won't protrude out to a point and will just
look like it was cut off. If I add handles or manipulate existing
handles a little bit in some way I can usually find a way to get some
sort of acceptable result. Conversely, there are times when a sharp
inner angle, (like the upper part of the letter "A") will protrude out
past the rest of the path stroke and I will have to manually edit the

I can't seem to find the determining factors for these behaviors so
that I can get predictable results when creating my paths.

Any insight on these problems would be most helpful.

Many Thanks.


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