Re: [Gimp-user] Path Tool Problems

Any insight on these problems would be most helpful.

Many Thanks.




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gimp-user-list mailing list

List address: [2]gimp-user-list gnome org

List membership:

Could someone let me know if this is making it to the list? I don't

think I've ever gotten a response on this list so I wonder if my

messages are getting through.

I've always used nabble in the past to write to mailing lists and that

seemed to work, but since I started replying or making topics from my

email client, I get nothing. I send new topics to

[4]gimp-user-list gnome org and when I reply to something, my fastmail

client has a reply-to-list button so I assumed that was the way to go..



2. mailto:gimp-user-list gnome org
4. mailto:gimp-user-list gnome org

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