Re: [Gimp-user] Gegl Operation Missing

Am 28.11.2013 18:30, schrieb Carusoswi:
Am 24.11.2013 18:26, schrieb Carusoswi:
What Gimp and GEGL package versions have you?

And what Ubuntu Version you are running?

And is it installed from my PPA?

Sorry for this silly questions, because I cannot reproduce this issue.

I'm running Kubuntu 13.10 - Saucy - 64 bit.

I am running Ubuntu 13.10, and was running Gimp 2.9 - installed from your PPA. 
When I first installed it, it ran just fine, then started throwing up error
messages with new tiff files derived from my Image Data Converter or Irfanview.
Is it possible giving me a link to those tiff files? I hope the images
are harmless.

I uninstalled, reinstalled, and then, this new problem where Gimp won't start at
Have you some strange plug-ins installed?
I have since purged your ppa and reinstalled 2.8 (latest version), and it is
working fine.

The above notwithstanding, I am very excited to see the progress on version 2.9.
I had it installed on my Win7 setup, and, while it seemed to run very slow, it
had no problem handling 16-bit tiffs.
Mmm, strange.

On the Linux side, your ppa ran very crisply.
Sorry, but it's a development version. ;-)

Looking forward to when I can get it working again.
Some day it works.

Thanks for the reply.
No problem.


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