[Gimp-user] Python troubles


I had gimp 2.6.x wich I removed from my computer to replace it with gimp 2.8.8.
But to had the unpleasent surprise to see that python-fu isn't working, the
python-fu menu isn't even greyed, it is just nowhere to be seen.

At first, I tough I made a mistake while installing, so I removed /
re-installed, making sure python support checkbox is on, without much success.
Did I do something wrong ?
Or gimp 2.6 had remaining files / registry keys interfering with gimp 2.8.8
install ?

NOTE: I'm running Windows Vista.
And my neighbourg (who never installed gimp before) had no problems with Windows

Thanks for your help.

Deedolith (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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