Re: [Gimp-user] Framing Pictures

On 2013-11-15 6:06 PM, Reinhardt Christiansen wrote:
I would like to add "frames" to some of the graphics I'm using on a
website. The frame I want is really just a white border of 8 or 10
pixels on each of the four sides; the pictures will all be rectangles.

I tried doing a frame like this in Gimp 2.8 (in Windows 8) earlier today
and couldn't think of a way to do this very easily. I thought about
drawing a white line along the edge of each side of the rectangle but
didn't know a good way to draw a straight line of the desired thickness
exactly where I want it. I thought about using the eraser to turn the
edges white but that seemed clumsy.

I'm guessing there is a much simpler way so I hope someone can tell me
what it is. :)

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions on methods for creating borders and also for reminding me of the wisdom of working with copies of the files so that the originals are preserved without frames.

The suggestion that I create the frames via CSS is also particularly helpful. In this case, I control the HTML and CSS and can easily just add the borders that way. I'm kicking myself that I didn't think of that on my own ;-)

In this case, I think I will use CSS but in other cases, the techniques you've mentioned will definitely be very helpful. I _knew_ there had to be a better way than drawing lines or using the eraser....


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