Re: [Gimp-user] Framing Pictures

I would like to add "frames" to some of the graphics I'm using on a
website. The frame I want is really just a white border of 8 or 10
pixels on each of the four sides; the pictures will all be rectangles.

I tried doing a frame like this in Gimp 2.8 (in Windows 8) earlier
and couldn't think of a way to do this very easily. I thought about
drawing a white line along the edge of each side of the rectangle but
didn't know a good way to draw a straight line of the desired
exactly where I want it. I thought about using the eraser to turn the
edges white but that seemed clumsy.

I'm guessing there is a much simpler way so I hope someone can tell me
what it is. :)


Open image

Select->Shrink (Select pixel size of shrink)
Ctrl+I (invert selection)
Bucket fill (Fill whole selection)


Open image

Filters->Decor->Add Border


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