Re: [Gimp-user] Drawing tools stopped working all of a sudden

On 05/11/2013 10:23 PM, Retri wrote:
My usual check list;

Is the problem on all images or only on one image? If on one image,
more likely a selection or active later problem, otherwise it more
likely some tool setting.

Reinstalling Gimp is usually not mandated and pretty much useless. If
you can't find the tool setting that went sour you have better rename
your Gimp profile to have Gimp restart with the defaults
I had this issue on every single image, even on new, blank ones.

I solved the problem by uninstalling the software again and deleting every
GIMP-related folder in C:\Users\(nameoftheuser)\

A fresh install then did the trick; go figure...thanks a bunch for your reply

I'm pretty sure that erasing the Gimp folder under C:\Users\(nameoftheuser)\ would have been enough. Reinstalling software on Windows is mostly a way to reinstate the proper values in a corrupted registry, but Gimp doesn't use the registry.

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