[Gimp-user] Dark Theme for GIMP?


on various websites, you can see screenshots of GIMP with dark themes.
Also I remember during LGM, it was said that GIMP at some point
(2.10?) would be released with a dark theme as a default.

So first question: is this dark theme development already started, and
where can I get it? Because I can't find it in the GIMP repo. If not
made yet, has anyone a link somewhere for a good dark theme for GIMP
2.8 to test out? I found some links but none very good. For instance I
read (and see in screenshots) that the Win version has such a dark
theme: http://www.partha.com/http://www.partha.com/
Is there a separate package of this theme somewhere or do I have to
install GIMP on some Windows VM to be able to get a hold of this theme
(and install it for my GIMP on Linux)?

Second question: the logics behind dark themes is apparently that they
would be less a disturbance than a bright theme when you are working,
if I remember LGM speech. Is that it? Is it better for the eyes too? I
always thought that black on white was basically better for the eyes.
Are there any actual studies explaining that dark UI are better for
users, which would explain our switch to a darker default theme? Or is
it all based on a feeling that dark themes are better?



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