Re: [Gimp-user] Gimp interface sucks

Richard (strata_ranger hotmail com) wrote:
Edit > Preferences > Input Controllers.  Picture worth thousand

That's indeed awesome, however, various OS's (like Windows) trap the
Alt key for menubar activation

Note that the preferences dialog in this screenshot allows you to assign
the tools-paint-brush-scale-increase action to a different controller

On which note, I am occasionally frustrated that pressing
the ALT key in a GTK2+ app does not activate the menubar like every
Windows user expects it to.

Hmm, for me (as a Linux user) pressing ALT underlines the
menu-navigation-shortcuts in the menu. Hitting the underlined keys then
enters the menu navigation mode and you can navigate the menu using the
cursor keys or the underlined letters.

This is a major suckage on the UI too (esp. if it's not
reconfigurable), because alt key sequences are just as strong a habit
as Ctrl+shortcut keys are.

I am not really familiar with the typical windows program, but is this
about the difference between (for creating a new image from the

<press alt> <release alt> f t c    (probably works in a windows program)


<press alt> f <release alt> t c    (works for me in linux gimp)


              simon budig de    

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