Re: [Gimp-user] Gimp interface sucks

Now for the feature in question... Krita has a simple on-canvas
way to
edit brush size. AFAIK, it's Ctrl+LMB+drag. It's a fairly reasonable
solution, and I for one would welcome it.

When a mouse is in use, changing brush sizes without leaving the
canvas is a snap - IF you set it up.  The menu item for this is at
Edit > Preferences > Input Controllers.  Picture worth thousand

I think this behavior, or something equivalent, should be a default
GIMP setting; until then, setting it up as an optional user tweak is
not a problem IF one knows it's available.

To change the brush size during tablet use, it should be possible to
set up any unassigned keyboard shortcut to do the same thing in
whatever size steps suit the user's needs.  Caveat:  I have not done
this myself so I am only "presuming" it's an available option.

As to whether the whole GIMP UI sucks, yes.  Yes it does.  I think
that's more because it's an image editor, than because of any
specific shortcomings in design.  In theory, improvement is always
possible.  In practice, computers are inherently evil and all
programs suck, each in its own special ways.



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