Re: [Gimp-user] Problem with ufraw and Sony ARW raw files

Carusoswi <forums gimpusers com> writes:

I run IDC using the Crossover front end of wine, and have also run IDC directly
in wine in the past.  It works perfectly in either setup.  I have also installed
Irfanview which I prefer to use in previewing my ARW images.  Often, I use
Irfanview to batch convert ARW's to Tiff, then open directly in Gimp.  I know I
sacrifice some degree of precision in this, but most of the shots I process this
way are simple snaps in familiar surroundings and, in my view, do not require
the added precision that opening and processing in IDC might offer.

IDC operating from Wine is no faster, but no slower in response than it is in
Windows.  My understanding is that IDC offers to the RAW shooter those
processing advantages that the in-body processing can offer the JPEG shooter. 
Since I never use the JPEG file format except when uploading to the web, in
practice, I rarely find an image that significantly benefits from processing
through IDC.

I have not experienced the problem you describe with UFRAW, so can offer you no
assistance there.

Sorry to hear that you are having a problem.  IDC via Wine would definitely be a
workaround worth trying, I believe.

Good luck.



Thanks for all the good suggestions.  I'll look into these other programs.


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