Re: [Gimp-user] Tool Options alternative

On 6.12.2013 at 9:30 AM josephbupe wrote:

My question is about the Tool Options which currently consume alot of space,
whether docked under the Tool box, side-by-side, left or right of the working
space. Could you consider a horizontal Tool Options above the Tool box with a
possibility of the user to switch to either the native Tool Options verticle
arrangement or a horizontal arrangement?

Hi josephbupe,

there were already considerations to improve the tool handling,
but thank you much for your proposal.

The following reading might be interesting for you:
- UI wiki article 'Rethinking GIMP tool options':

- The GIMP UI brainstorm, especially on the Tool Options:

In most cases image editing monitors use landscape orientation.
Thus vertical screen space is more precious than horizontal space.
This could get less important if we manage to allow GIMP for the
getting-more-important tablet computers, but this is another story.
Every pixel counts. A solution should take this into account.

Kind regards,


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