Re: [Gimp-user] scanner works with linux

On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 7:15 AM, Gracia M. Littauer <gracia yadtel net>
anyone recomend any newer good Epson scanner that work with linux?

No, but I am using a couple "Epson Perfection 4490 Photo", probably as old as what you have. They work great on Ubuntu Linux (with some tweaking of linux USB stuff due to the older Linux distribution we are still using).

In any case, more importantly, we use the scanners through Hamrick's VueScan Professional scanning software and love it!

I have had questions about our scanning workflow, color calibration questions, and selection of LARGE (11x17) format scanners. I have asked Ed Hamrick and he has always been quick to answer with very helpful information. For me, that alone is work the modest price of the program. [We ended up with a used/refurb Epson GT-10000 large format scanner which is incredible (faster and better than the usual smaller scanners even though it is a lot older). Original price probably around $5000 back in the day, but I found a used one for $400 -- plus delivery by truck.]

Very importantly, Hamrick has a huge supported scanners list
that tells you (by specific scanner model if you want to check on one) if it is "supposed" to work on "linux" (generically, at least).

I would not dream of doing the scanning work we do without VueScan.

I also found it extremely useful for our particular scanning work to calibrate the scanners, using a 'target', which I obtained from a source in Germany. Targets can be very expensive, but this one was only about $30 as I recall -- the best and the best deal I was able to find. VueScan does support use of the generated calibration file that is created as result of calibration process. [Now I just need to get calibrating equipment for our monitors, but that is a lot more costly.]


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