Re: [Gimp-user] Text border

On 11/26/2012 02:05 PM, Fabio Colella wrote:
Hello, I create adverts with Gimp for my magazine .
A feature that I need would be to create border around text.
I reach this target with multiple shade effects or selecing the text using selection by color, then selection->border and the filling it with color on a second level under the text (if I do this in the same level I loose antialias on the text).

Better method for a very clean result: create a "Path" for the text (right click on text layer, + "Text to path"), then "Edit/Stroke path" with a sufficiently wide line.

The problem is that when I want to change the text I have to delete the levels for this, edit the text and then create the effect again. Isn't possible to add a feature or a plugin with wich I can edit the text and the effect together? Or better, a real editor with border an shadow effects?
Like the one there's on Libre Office.

Not right now, but there is an underlying structure change in Gimp that will make this built-in in the future (it's easy to do in LO because the set of possible transforms is limited).

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