Re: [Gimp-user] Text border

Hello, I create adverts with Gimp for my magazine .
A feature that I need would be to create border around text.
I reach this target with multiple shade effects or selecing the text
selection by color, then selection->border and the filling it with

It might be better to do this by selecting the text layer and then in
the layers dialog, Alpha to selection

color on
a second level under the text (if I do this in the same level I loose
antialias on the text). The problem is that when I want to change the

You might be better off duplicating the text layer (maybe several
times) and adjusting the text to a selection of sizes for each layer.
Switch the visibility of the layers on and off as you try things out.

I have to delete the levels for this, edit the text and then create
effect again. Isn't possible to add a feature or a plugin with wich I
edit the text and the effect together? Or better, a real editor with
an shadow effects?
Like the one there's on Libre Office.


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