[Gimp-user] How to revert to version 2.6 in Ubuntu

For 20,000 images I'd recommend learning ImageMagick and doing batch
processing. For research in graphics you could also investigate nips2.

Thanks! I will investigate both. I used ImageMagick several years ago, but it
was only command-line.

Bash is not an acronym, by the way, and does not need to be in capital letters.

Oh. Noob-error. I thought it stood for Bourne-Again SHell.

You could also use control-shift-e in gimp instead of control-shift-s
(save as), and it's really about the same number of keystrokes.

I did that at first. So it overwrites, but if I am working with 10-20 files at
once, when I go to close each file, GIMP warns me that changes are unsaved,
whether I have overwritten (saved) or not. I worry that it will habituate me to
'discard changes' and inadvertently throw away work, or compel me to keep an XCF
and an uncompressed PNG of every file I work with. Which adds to file-management

It would probably be condescending of me to tell you where to get a
script that reverts to the older behaviour, more or less, or to warn you
how unwise it is to use such a script, so I won't do that part :-)

Previous poster mentioned that the Python script I found was announced on this
same website in August. Alas I did not find it in my first series of searches,
which was why I was despairing and trying to figure out how to safely step back
to 2.6. It was difficult to seive out the solution with keywords via Google.
Only recommendation I could find for awhile was to remap ctrl-S to 'overwrite.'
Unfortunately that means that even if I knowlingly intend to modify a PNG and
overwrite the file, GIMP warns me re: 'unsaved changes' when closing, which
makes me keep worrying: "Uh-oh. Did I remember to hit ctrl-S this time?"

What still surprises me is that the GIMP developers did not even allow the
option of reconfiguring our own setup to work as we have used it with all
previous versions of GIMP.
It may be extremely hazardous for me to be grabbing a Python script off the net
and setting it to executable. I cannot not parse the script to see if it is
harmful. But within GIMP, I could find no way to reset to previous behavior, and
I did not want to become habituated to the practice of ignoring 'unsaved
changes' warnings.

MetroPietro (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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