Re: [Gimp-user] How to revert to version 2.6 in Ubuntu

MetroPietro wrote,

Found a fabulous solution:

Someone has written a Python script to re-set the Save function to save changes
to a file back in its original format! The webpage above gives instructions for
installing (very necessary for a non-programmer), but the python script itself
is here:

My original post may have been crabby, but now I don't need to figure out how to
revert to 2.6! I can keep my repos current and I can resume recommending GIMP to
my hundred-odd students. Of course, this means abiding by (and teaching) the
same caution with raster-editors that has pertained since 1990: protect
originals. Don't re-work images in lossy and comressed formats.

And surely saving as XCF, which also preserves layers, etc, is an even better approach if images are going to be "reworked"?

You previous said you "need to revise the JPGs or preferably
work with PNGs," so with JPGs you are reworking compressed formats.

Sadly, your reply affirms my sense of the condescension in the GIMP
community--and I notice that you did not offer any way to revert this interface
design back to match an existing working-method. In the spirit of the
open-source community, I kept looking. I found a solution to the problem. I
share it.


That plug-in was announced on this mailing list back in August.

Bob Long

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