[Gimp-user] How to revert to version 2.6 in Ubuntu

Hi all,
I need to revert to GIMP version 2.6. Please tell me the proper BASH commands to do this in an Ubuntu system.

Evidently I am not the "power-user" type for whom the GIMP team designed their 2.8 version. I only have about 20,000 photos, and I need to revise the JPGs or preferably work with PNGs. I tried resetting the <ctrl><S> keybinding to "overwrite," but even so, every time I close a file (about 25 x/day) it warns me that I have unsaved changes--because the GIMP PolitBuro has decided that only XCF is worthy, not my miserable uncompressed PNG (which is what I can use for my academic presentations. Default image viewers in Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu don't read the XCF format).

So I need to revert to version 2.6 in a responsible way (repositories, dependencies, etc) while I wait for a fork to emerge so that I can switch to a full-featured raster editor designed by a less-condescending team of developers.


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