Re: [Gimp-user] problem with openraster plugin in GIMP 2.8.2

In my case it was all my own fault. I'm using file-apng 3rd party plugin and 
had to modify about a dozen of other plugins and scripts that call for
standard png 
load/save procedure. Openraster is one of them. When I installed latest
version of GIMP 
back then, my modified openraster got somehow moved to other location. I was
of that and overlooked error messages gimp was issuing.
Almost right after I posted question here I looked it up and found out that
openraster plugin
in my plugins folder was not modified. 
I was thinking of updating the status to 'resolved' but apparently forgot to
do so. 
My apologies.

In your case I would probably try installing application from the official
GIMP download page.

Dessinons wrote
- "Is anybody else having the same problem or is it just me? "

Yes; me. (I'm french, sorry for my very bad english).
I have also problems with .ora files and Gimp 2.8.2.
I work on Windows 7 pro 64 bits.
I have tryed to installed the Gimp 2.8.0 version.
With 2.8.0, sometime my .ora files (created with MyPaint) can be opened
and modified.
But never with mulitple calcs.
So, i cant do what i need to do with Gimp.

Have you a solution ?

Is Gimp 2.8.3 can be soon solve theses problems ?

Have a nice day.

Nik O.
Никита Омуль
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