Re: [Gimp-user] finding layers after file has been closed

Yours is one of these cases where the new (and somewhat controversial) save/export distinction in 2.8 is actually a good thing, since after outputting a flat JPG you find you now want to go back and update the layer composition - only to find that your JPG doesn't contain any layer composition, everything was merged into a single flat RGB surface.  There's no way around it - you NEED to have saved an XCF copy of your image to record the individual layers; if you didn't, then sorry but the only thing you can do is try to recreate the layer composition from scratch again.

It is not necessarily "wrong" to export say a JPG/PNG copy of an image without saving an XCF workfile of it -- sometimes you really are finished with an image and don't need to go back and make further edits to it (and if the edits are extremely simple, like a photo crop/resize, then the amount of potential lost work may be an acceptably low risk), but if you think there's any chance of you coming back and tweaking it later, absolutely save an XCF version first.

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I totally understood what you both said - but I didn't know that I had to save it both ways - I only saved it, or exported it at a .jpg... Does that mean I can't recover the .xcf?

On Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 3:54 PM, Daniel Smith <opened to gmail com> wrote:
what he said. that's what i meant when i said before that you would
still have the layers, that you had the .xcf file somewhere.

On 11/18/12, Burnie West <west ieee org> wrote:
> On 11/18/2012 12:09 PM, jenn golden wrote:
>> Is there a way to get back all of your layers once you save a file and
>> close
>> out of it? I am new and am creating magazince covers - All I need to do is
>> change the pic - but did not want to have to re-create the entire cover if
>> I
>> did not need too.... Thanks!
> Are you using gimp 2.8? If so, when you "save" the file all the layers are
> retained (unless you specifically merged them). You would "export" to (e.g.)
> jpg
> or png, and then save to xcf format. Loading the .xcf version should still
> have
> all the layers. Loading the exported .png or .jpg version would not.
>    -- Burnie
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