[Gimp-user] creating immage (gif) by drawing at the pixel level.

Hi, :-)

I am using Gimp 2.8.0 but only understand about 5% or less of it.
(It is running on Win.7 Hm. Prm., Vsn 6.1, Sp-1.)

How can I define or adjust the pencil tool so it draws at the one
pixel size in a new ".gif" work area. (That would be one pixel in the
image to one pixel on the screen.) I found how to define the work area
in pixels for a ".gif". The predefined pencil tool sizes (chosen by
assorted dots) "went away" several versions of Gimp back as far as I

Please would someone direct me to where the answer can be
located. I am not a graphic artist or a photographer so please use
non-technical english.

The object of this effort is to produce "TrainGifs" for use in
other applications. Should you be interested just Google "TrainGifs"
and you will be able to check out multiple site for this hobby.

    Thanks and bye,
    Retired and Confused :-)
Hi! All,
     Thanks to all who helped, all the fixes worked. 
Guess this is closed. Thanks again.
     Jerry W.

Confused_0 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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