[Gimp-user] Python script query

Hi All,

Thanks again for all the assistance.

I tried out a few variations of the [delete] tags in AnimStack and managed to
get the desired results for editing my Gifs.

I had difficulty getting the [delete] tag to work properly... it deletes the
first two layers and then every second layer after that.
I found that by inserting a duplicate layer of Layer 1 and then changing the
name of this to [delete] and then running 'Process AnimStack Tags' I got the
desired result of  leaving the first one and then deleting every second layer in
the list after that.

In order to delete all the layers, starting at a particular one, I just change
the name of the layer I want to delete from to [delete:2:2] and then run
'Process AnimStack Tags' this deletes all the layers from that one right to the

To delete all the layers from the first one up to a particular one I change the
name of the first one to [delete:1:1:n] and this will delete all the layers up
to ‘n + 1’ one. . .  eg. [delete:1:1:20] will delete all the layers from the
first one up to and including layer 21.

Using AnimStack in this way will enable me to edit my Gifs more efficiently.

Lorgach (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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