[Gimp-user] Python script query

I had difficulty getting the [delete] tag to work properly... it
deletes the first two layers and then every second layer after that.

This is because every layer that has an animstack action tag on it is deleted
after processing, this is not something unique to [delete] tag. This is because
tagged layers are basically commands, and after being executed they are not
needed anymore.

I found that by inserting a duplicate layer of Layer 1 and then
changing the name of this to [delete] and then running 'Process
AnimStack Tags' I got the desired result of  leaving the first one and
then deleting every second layer in the list after that.

The intended use-case was that a new empty layer is created tagged with [delete]
and placed right before the first layer that is supposed to be deleted. But your
way is fine too.

Grue (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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