[Gimp-user] For GIMP-2.8 I need Fedora 17 .. which isn't released yet

Most libs need to be built on the target system, and require other libs
(and include files, and so on). This makes it very difficult to 'put
everything' somewhere else. Yet, it can be done, though...
I just blew it :(

-- Johan

Have a look at the link I provided above: there is an easy method to put everything "somewhere else"; you 
just have to do it step by step, so each component looks for its dependencies "somewhere else" first and then 
in the standard places.

When I compiled the first 2.7 versions on Fedora 15, I had to compile GTK+, GLib, and lots of dependencies 
more; everything went smoothly to /opt/gimp-2.7. 

eduperez (via gimpusers.com)

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