Re: [Gimp-user] Text on path?

On 05/15/2012 08:27 PM, Thomas Taylor wrote:
Hi All ;)
First post to this list.  I'm an occasional Gimp user and am having a problem trying
to create some CD/DVD labels.  I want to put text on a curved path but haven't been
able to get a persistent path.

I've followed instructions in the help manual and from the "Beginning GIMP" book
about creating a path but the path won't display after switching to a different

These screenshot links show:
        1)  Using brush selected for path
        2)  Using line selected for path
        3)  Resulting path (same for both types)

As soon as I select the text tool, the path disappears.  Obviously I'm missing some
step that would make the path persistent or I'm misunderstanding how paths work.
Shouldn't the path remain visible?  Any clarification would be appreciated.

The Gimp version is 2.6.12 on a KDE desktop under openSuSE 12.1&  12.2.

Thanks, Tom

The path doesn't show but it's still there. Of course its better to open the Paths list to 1) make it visible, 2) give it some meaningful name (the path tools sometimes create paths implcitly and you may have several empty paths...), 3) make sure it's selected when you call text-along-path).

If your Gimp has Python support (likely since you use Linux), you may prefer to use this script:

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