[Gimp-user] Inital zoom ratio bug?

I'm working on 1152x864 resolution. Gimp is positioned at the lower-right corner of the screen so I can 
drag&drop images easily into it. That's why it's very bad news if Gimp resizes itself.
Anyway I had to go deeper. And my finding is that some nasty things are going on in 
gimp_display_shell_set_initial_scale() function.  :D
  screen_width  = gdk_screen_get_width (screen)  * 0.75;
  screen_height = gdk_screen_get_height (screen) * 0.75;
  shell_width  = SCALEX (shell, image_width);
  shell_height = SCALEY (shell, image_height);
      if (shell_width > screen_width || shell_height > screen_height)
These are just not right, Gimp shouldn't care about my screen resolution at this point. Anyway I'm off to 
Partha's site for the Gimp compiling tutorial. And thank you guys for the help. Gimp is a very good program, 
although it has its flaws, I still really appreciate what the devs do.

berniek (via gimpusers.com)

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