Re: [Gimp-user] Problem with Gimp 2.7.4 'Text' facility

On Wed, 2012-05-09 at 09:20 +0200, Johan Vromans wrote:

Since we now have three ways to control text properties there's a risk
of confusing descriptions. For example, the text options panel has
"Adjust line spacing" while the tool box overlay has "Change baseline of
selected font".

Kerning and letter spacing are not the same thing.  Or shouldn't be ;-)

Kerning automatically adjust spacing between letters, e.g. moving V and
A closer together so that they look as if they are evenly spaced.
Kerning uses data included with the fonts. Pair Kerning normally has two
settings (on and off); adjusting the spacing between a specific pair of
characters is also called kerning - either "every V/A pair" or "this
particular pair".

Letter spacing is a constant amount of space added to (or subtracted
from) the glyph advance between every pair of characters.

If that's not how the terms are used, please file a bug.

Several features do not seem to function properly. In particular, the
text editor seems to behave strange.

Yes, the text editor does not support all of the typographical features.

There was a move to remove it, but there are useability problems with
removing it - especially when you have text on a path, or if your text
doesn't all fit on the screen.

Changing the baseline using the semi-transparent tool box does not have
any effect, neither does changing the baseline in the text editor.

They work fine here, but you have to have selected some text on the

Changing it in the 'classical' tool options dialog does work.

When the text editor is shown, the on-cavas editing doesn't work
works here (but I have a pre-release of 2.8) although you can't select

In the text editor, when you want to change e.g. the font size of a
piece of text, strange things happen. For example, select the word
"quick" and then go to the font size field and use the mouse wheel. The
selection is lost and although the font size (number) changes, no text
is affected.

I consider these "first release" inconveniences that beyond doubt will
get fixed soon.

Especially if you report them so the developers discover it too,
and even sooner if you include a patch :-)


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