Re: [Gimp-user] Problem with Gimp 2.7.4 'Text' facility

Maurice <maurice bcs org uk> writes:

  For users of the Text facility, there is a handy tutorial:

Thanks! I needed some experimenting to get used to the new facility but
it sure looks handy and efficient. It still needs some work, though.

Since we now have three ways to control text properties there's a risk
of confusing descriptions. For example, the text options panel has
"Adjust line spacing" while the tool box overlay has "Change baseline of
selected font". The options panel has "Adjust letter spacing" while the
tool box overlay has "Change kerning of selected text". The text editor
seems to be consistent with the tool box overlay.

Several features do not seem to function properly. In particular, the
text editor seems to behave strange. See e.g.

In the text options, the kerning is adjusted with +10. This can be seen
on the canvas. The second word "the" has had the kerning changed back to

In the text editor, the text is not shown with +10 kerning and,
surprise, the second word "the" is not unkerned, but lowered.

Changing the baseline using the semi-transparent tool box does not have
any effect, neither does changing the baseline in the text editor.
Changing it in the 'classical' tool options dialog does work.

When the text editor is shown, the on-cavas editing doesn't work

In the text editor, when you want to change e.g. the font size of a
piece of text, strange things happen. For example, select the word
"quick" and then go to the font size field and use the mouse wheel. The
selection is lost and although the font size (number) changes, no text
is affected.

I consider these "first release" inconveniences that beyond doubt will
get fixed soon.

All by all the new text features are promising.

-- Johan

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