Re: [Gimp-user] Problem with Gimp 2.7.4 'Text' facility

On 2012-05-06 at 21:47 Johan said:

With 2.8RC1:

(1) A window appears showing the current font settings
(2) A 'dynamic window' appears where the text entered appears.

  Mmm. That's what 2.6 does also. Perhaps there's a bug in 2.7.4?

Johan, when you say (in (2)) "...where the text entered appears", does 
anything also appear in the 'font settings' window as you enter text?

Did you abuse the Font field of the font settings window for text

  No, I didn't touch the Font field. The only thing that happened in 
that window was that any text entered appeared there in the top left-
hand field (but - sadly - not in the 'dynamic' field).


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