Re: [Gimp-user] LOVE thread - single window mode

* Greg Chapman <gregtutor yahoo co uk> [05-07-12 07:11]:
On 05 May 12 22:26 Patrick Shanahan <ptilopteri gmail com> said:
This may be a function of your windowmanager, which you failed to 
mention. KDE has the ability to designate specific windows to 
maintain size and position in addition to which desktop.

Yes, even Windows allows you to set shortcut to launch a program 

Right-click the Start Menu icon. Select Properties and under the 
Shortcut tab on the Properties dialogue that opens, you'll find an 
option to run Normal Window/Minimised/Maximised.

I believe this was commented that the option maximised the splash
screen/window rather than the program window....  But then that's windoz
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