Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior

It certainly is not intuitive. The operation should be symmetrical: If I
open a PNG, save should save a PNG (unless I applied changes which would
disappear if saved as a PNG, in which case I'd like a warning).

And that's the point, GETTING rid of the damn warnings!  For me, every single 
time I edit/create a jpeg/png file, this just goes to slow things WAY down.  One
dialog for export/ignore/cancel + if this is the first save, an additional one 
to set the quality.  The change fixes that by forcing me to be be 
explicit(ie, I want to export).  

Also, one slip of the finger in 2.6(Ignore instead of export) on that damned 
dialog box and low an behold all of my layer work is GONE, PERMANENTLY, 
FOREVER!!!!  Now my nice workflow where I do lots of non destructive editing
is for naught because I hit the wrong damn button.   The goal here is to be damn 
sure that this type of silliness does not happen anymore by making you be explicit
in your workflow.  I know dozens of people who have lost tens or even 
hundreds of layers in a second by a mis-key and this change will totally prevent 
them from loosing work at the cost of some people having to adapt to change and
spend and extra 2-4 seconds per image.  

Do you really think your few extra seconds are more important than possibly hours 
worth of work by people who use the features of GIMP that take it far beyond 
a simple photo editor?   BTW, I am high functioning autism, so I do not adapt to 
change well myself, but IMHO, this is a good change mainly because I have been 
burned by this exact problem before. 

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