Re: [Gimp-user] HATE the new save vs. export behavior


That change is there for a reason. And the reason is that we are
trying to target a special group of users who have certain workflows
and work on files in certain ways.

As I said in my previous email, I understand the reasons and fundamentally agree with the change, and I really don't think the reasons only apply to "a special group of users." There really is no such sharply defined group.

There is a continuum of uses and of users, and the focus of the GIMP's vision is somewhat towards the "high end" of the use continuum. The justification for the export change is strongest for the uses which are in focus for that vision. Just as there is no way to always separate what you see in your visual field into the two categories "entirely in focus" and "not at all in focus," there's a gradation in how much particular real users' uses of the GIMP are in focus as developers pursue their vision. You can't separate folks into the categories of "users who always use the software in an idealized entirely 'high-end' way" and "users who always use the software in a completely 'casual' way." So the benefits of the save/export change are a gradation rather than a binary variable too. Sure, some people may be so offended by having to change either their keystrokes or their save patterns that they'll go elsewhere. But I'm convinced that will have more to do with their temperaments than their use patterns.

Now, personally, that is, not on behalf of the team, I think that
anyone who is trying to imply that we hate users, or ignore users, or
try to force something on them simply needs to calm down, go outside,
breath some fresh air and spend a great time with friends or family.
Then go back and discuss this as a grown-up person.

I fully agree with this and with most of the rest of what you've said, and I understand your frustration with the "shouting" way people are reacting to the change. I just think folks need to be careful about giving the wrong impression in their reactions to this "shouting." You know there is no "us vs them", no "either you're an exact instantiation of this idealized user with this idealized workflow or you need to stop using the software," etc. But less-informed people could start to get that impression from the way some of the early posts in this conversation went.


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