Re: [Gimp-user] Problem with Gimp 2.7.4 'Text'

On Thursday 03 May 2012 15:53:31 (in 'Hate the new...' thread) I wrote:

I am  not "repeatedly saving/exporting' to JPG", but only 
once per image (to write annotation),

  Using Gimp 2.6 on a Mandriva system. I have happily been using a 
combination of Imagemagick's 'Convert' and Gimp to write annotation at 
the foot of certain directories of .jpg images:

(1) Place a white panel at the foot of each image:

   for img in *.jpg
   do  convert $img -gravity South  -background White  -splice 0x50 $img

(2) Take each image into Gimp (2.6), select Text, click on the white 
panel, and write the annotation into the white panel, then save/export 
(or whatever).
       A very simple, smooth, and effective solution.

Now, however, I am working on Mageia-2 (Beta3), which provides Gimp 
2.7.4, and - guess what - the Text function now works differently and 
(for my purpose) more clumsily, tripling the effort needed to write the 

With 2.6, selecting Text and clicking on the white panel brought up a 
text-entry window, such that any text entered also appeared in a dynamic 
window in the white panel.
   However, with 2.7.4, the text-entry window is much smaller, with no 
apparent adjustment control, and any text entered does *not* appear in 
the white panel.
  (But I did discover that one could cut-paste from one to the other, 
though the dynamic box seems more difficult to adjust.)

   So the previously simple process has become a messy slog.

Have I misssed some setting/adjustment in the new Text function?

(Alternatively, could anyone recommend a package that could perform the 
function of writing text into these image panels, please?)

/\/\aurice  (Retired in Surrey, UK)

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