Re: [Gimp-user] Gimp (pre)view window for transparent images

On 03/15/2012 01:58 PM, Renato Alves wrote:
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to create icons (.ico) files in Gimp and I am looking for
ways to preview the result directly in gimp.

To do this I'm currently using the "New view" functionality where I
disable most things (layer boundary, rules...) to display the image in
its original size (100% zoom). I also selected the Padding color
according to the background of the image to visualize it in proper context.

The above setup works fine for images with a fixed background color, but
not so much with images that have a transparent background.

 From what I was able to figure out, the only place where you can
customize how transparency is displayed is by going to Preferences>
Display. However, changing these options affects all open windows an not
just the current view. In addition, the possible choices for how
transparency is displayed are somewhat limited (no colors other than
white, gray and black).

With that said, is there any way of previewing the image while being
able to customize how transparency is displayed?

Nothing prevents you from adding a background layer for your test and discarding it (or making it invisble) before exporting the ICO file. For that kind of work I test the picture against several backgrounds (at least a dark and a light one) anyway.

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