[Gimp-user] Installing 2.8 on Windows XP SP2


I am trying to install version 2.8.0 on a Windows XP SP2 machine. Unfortunately I can't update the machine 
to SP3 as it breaks the machine. I am trying to fix this but it is not easy. Does Gimp actually require SP3 
or is it just the installer. If it is just the installer then is there any way to work around this?


I seems just the installer. You can unpack the installation with 'universal extractor' but this gives all the 
files for both 32 & 64 bit version to sort out.

An easier way is to use a 'portable' version. There is a 2.8.0 at portableapps.com and a 2.8.1 32 bit at the 
partha site (dark theme but if you find a regular theme elsewhere you can change this).

Both of these install with the caveat that I did not give them much of a trial, but they do open and the 
basics work. This is in a WinXp SP2 virtual machine.

If you ignore the 'portable' launcher(s) and go straight for gimp-2.8.exe in the ...\bin... folder it  makes 
a regular C:\Documents and Settings\"yourname"\.gimp-2.8 home folder structure on first run.

Up to you to make a shortcut/menu entry.

rich (via gimpusers.com)

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