[Gimp-user] gimp definition

The program was first called The GIMP, and now is called GIMP to be less
offensive; now should a letter be dropped, either GIM or IMP?


GIMP is an acronym.  It first stood for General Image Manipulation
Program.  Later it got a new license, and the acronym now stands for
GNU Image Manipulation Program.  Whether to call it GIMP or The GIMP
is a matter of context and personal preference.

Indeed.  Do not change the name.  This nonsense about changing names to prevent offending people is 
ridiculous and I'm damned tired of it.  It's all over the place.  You know they don't call "special 
education" by that name any longer?  Once everyone knew what it meant, they changed the name as if it would 
change what the class is for.  And think of how many name changes we've had for what we sometimes call 
"African Americans" today.  (I'm down with Americans, but not African... they're Americans!  It's good 
enough!)  And of course there is the forever list of "Something"-challenged.  Really?  Let's just dip 
everything in candy and be done with it... we all live in Willy Wonka land now where no one gets hurt and you 
can eat everything.

You know what?  I change my mind.  Let's change the name.  Let's call it "GIMPYS" for "Go IMP YourSelf!!"  

Society needs to grow the heck up.  It's not the words, it's the meaning.  And if the meaning of words is a 
problem, then people need to learn to deal with THEIR OWN problem.  Words may change but the meanings never 

erroneus (via gimpusers.com)

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